Braille House is calling for picture books to be donated for our young readers during July so that we can continue to provide “Twin Vision” books that can be read by both sighted children and children who are blind or have low vision.

New books or pre-loved picture books are needed so that we can increase the number of books in our “Twin Vision” format for young people. These books are the printed version but also include Braille for those with low or no vision. This allows a blind relative to read to a sighted child or for a blind child to read with independence.

The “Twin Vision” format also allows a sighted child to be read to by someone with low or no vision. e.g. mum & dad, grandma and grandad, relatives e.t.c.

Our children’s library is growing and we more picture books so our young readers can continue to read.

Books can be delivered to:
Braille House 507 Ipswich Road Annerley
Posted to Braille House – Po Box 610 Annerley 4103
Get in touch and we can organise collection.