Braille House Bookshop

Braille House (one of Australia’s oldest libraries) is opening Brisbane’s newest bookshop on Saturday August 17, (9am – 1pm).

Reading funding reading! – We are selling books to raise money to allow us to produce more books in Braille and other accessible formats.

Everyone is invited to come and browse our shelves of second-hand books and also our handmade offerings from August 17 which also happens to be the start of Children’s Book Week.

With the Annerley Community Bookshop unfortunately closing, Braille House thought that they could still provide a bookstore and also volunteering opportunities in the local community while also staying true to their core purpose which is (and has always been) reading, so when the Annerley Community Bookshop offered their unsold stock, we took the opportunity to open a bookshop.

If you would like to donate books or volunteer, please get in touch.

Nicole Johnston, Councillor for Tennyson Ward said. “It is great that the spirit of the Annerley Community Bookshop can turn a new page and live on through the Queensland Braille Writing Association at Braille House in Annerley. It is a wonderful initiative to have a full selection of books for vision impaired and sighted people in one location for our community.”

Braille House General Manager (Sally Balwin) said “Reading and literacy is important for education but also for things like creativity, self-awareness and even identity. Since 1897, Braille House has supported literacy for children and adults who are blind or have low vision and the opening of the bookshop is a great way for us to help fund our Braille books so that we can ensure that readers have access to them into the future.”

Braille House Shop
Opening hours
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm

For every 100 books a sighted child has access to, a blind child has access to between 3 and 5 books. (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)