How to get involved

‘Learning Braille has opened up my world … As an adult having to learn to live a completely new life it can be challenging.  With Braille I can send and receive email … read the news and events happening in the world, read books and I am learning to take my own affairs back. Braille gives me the ability to live an independent life again.’

(Quoted from a letter of appreciation from a Braille House student who lost both her sight and her hearing due to a sudden severe illness)

Red heart and hand and word donate

Dark blue group of hands in air and word Volunteer

Green jigsaw puzzle pieces with the last corner coming into place and the words Corporate Involvement

Yellow hands around circle with dollar symbol and word Fundriase

Purple hands clasped and the words Become A Member

Blue dove in flight with the words In Memoriam Gift

Orange tree with lots of leaves and words Make a Bequest