Make a bequest

How to make a bequest
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Your bequest to Braille House (Queensland Braille Writing Association), no matter how small, will support the work done at Braille House providing braille products and services to people who are blind or vision impaired. If you wish to make a bequest in your will, you can use the following wording as a guide:

“I bequeath to Queensland Braille Writing Association (a specified $ sum, or specified items, or the residue of my estate), free of all duties for the purposes of the said organisation. I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s) or Trustee(s) and shall absolve them from seeing as to the application thereof.”

Click here to contact Braille House if you would like some additional information or for more information regarding bequests.

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Orange tree with lots of leaves and words Make a Bequest