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Donate by phone: 07 3848 5257

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Braille House
PO Box 610
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Why donate to Braille House

Your donation helps us to grow and maintain Braille House as a Centre of Excellence in the production and teaching of Braille; it is a hub of activity providing expert tuition and tactual reading materials to people who are blind or have low vision.


More specifically, by giving you help us to:

  • Keep pace with advances in technology;
  • Develop and deliver targeted individual tutoring programs;
  • Enable people who can no longer read print to have access to text;
  • Respond to special requests.


  • A lending library of Braille and Moon books and magazines
  • Tuition in Braille and Moon
  • Production of tactual materials, such as: texts for use in schools, additions to our library, legal documents, recipes, financial reports and statements, birthday and special event cards, business cards, meeting notes

Braille continues to be the most common form of tactual reading and writing. Audio information is not sufficient for literacy. Children and adults who are blind still need a literacy tool. They still need to learn to read, spell, punctuate and interpret written language just like everyone else. You can’t learn spelling and punctuation from audio text; it’s as simple as that.

The use of digital technology, especially audio screen readers has greatly increased the access to on-screen information for people who are blind. However, for people who are deaf as well as blind, and who cannot benefit from audio, Braille is absolutely essential.

QBWA (Braille House) is a not-for-profit organisation which began in 1897. Our mission statement is: Access to braille for everyone, to empower people of all ages who are vision impaired.


Braille House relies on donations that allow us to continue our important work and to provide services and support the needs of children and adults who are blind or have low vision in Australia.

The more funds we raise, the more we are able to help.






Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.


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