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Are you a people person who enjoys networking and engaging with others? Or maybe you are an organiser who loves to make things happen.

If you are either, then have you considered volunteering some of your time to assist Braille House with its fundraising and events.

The great part of this type of activity is that it can be done on a project/event basis or as ongoing activities – depending on your availability.

Braille House is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on private funding through donations and fundraising.

In relation to fundraising, Braille House is developing and implementing a number of activities which we need volunteer help to make happen.

The main areas we will be focusing on include:

  • Corporate Fundraising: Braille House will be engaging with business through sponsorship opportunities and direct donation. If you have an interest in business and networking with business, then this type of activity may suit you.
  • Grants: Braille House explores as many grants as it is eligible for so would benefit from a volunteer who is savvy with research and the preparation of proposals.
  • Community Fundraisers and Events: Braille House will be using innovative and traditional fundraising and event activities. If you enjoy organizing an event or fundraising activity (or being a part of a team that does so), this voluntary position may suit you.

To become a Volunteer with Braille House call now on 07 3848 5257 or fill in the form below:

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