Learning to read and write in braille is the way in which a person with limited or no sight achieves literacy. No-one can become literate by only hearing the spoken word. Learning to spell and punctuate are two essential skills you can learn through reading and writing braille. Another exciting facet of these skills is always being able to read anything with your own interpretation – not through someone else’s voice. These are some of the joys of living with braille.

Fortunately, even in this era of audio everything, there is an increasing awareness of the value of tactual literacy. This is demonstrated by the number of requests we receive from people with vision impairment who wish to become touch readers. While literacy for most people involves print symbols which are read visually, literacy for those with little or no vision involves embossed symbols that are read tactually. Along with knowledge of the code, touch readers need to develop specific tactual skills. It is our task to encourage literacy for people of all ages.

Braille and Moon

The two systems of tactual reading that have stood the test of time are Braille and Moon. Tutoring in both codes are offered by Braille House. We offer this tuition in three different modes: face to face at Braille House; remotely through outreach to students who can get to one of our SE Queensland outreach centres; and Distance via email and telephone.

Braille for Print Users Course

We offer a Certificate Course of instruction in Unified English Braille. This course is specifically for print users who wish to learn braille but do not need to learn braille by touch.

To register your interest in the next Braille for Print Users Course please call Braille House on 07 3848 5257 or contact us at tutoring by filling in the below form with your contact details and preferred days to attend. Cost of the course includes the manual which each student keeps for their own reference when the course is completed.

Face to Face tuition

We offer face-to-face tutoring at Braille House and at the Nundah Activity Centre on a regular, individual basis.


We offer tuition to vision impaired adults who wish to become touch readers, but are unable to attend classes because of distance or health considerations. We provide support by post, email and phone. The audio material is of particular benefit to those students learning in the distance mode.

Requesting tuition

All requests for tuition in Braille or Moon should be made to Braille House by calling 07 3848 5257 or contacting us via the form below: