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Books and magazines

Braille House offers an extensive free Library of books in Braille and is also Australia’s only producer and library of titles in the Moon script. Books are sent to and from borrowers via free post in bags with reversible address labels.

To search the Library Catalogue online, click here. You can also download Excel documents of the Booklist by Author or Subject and our Children’s Library Catalogue by clicking on the links above.

Our Moon Catalogue is available by calling us on 07 3848 5257 or by filling in your details and clicking Submit on the contact form below.

Moon books

Moon books are available in different sizes and formats:

  • Full Size Catalogue (reading left to right, right to left) – M Books
  • Half Size Catalogue (reading left to right, right to left) – MS and MSS
  • Wider Space Between Lines in MS and MSS Books – W/L
  • Bible (reading left to right, right to left) – MB
  • Possum Transcribed (left to right) – MM
  • Computer Transcribed (left to right) – MC
  • Recent Full Size Catalogue M Books (reading left to right only) – M976 To M995

In Touch Magazine

If you enjoy reading in braille about life including cooking, gardening, travelling, playing sport, reading, laughing, then you will love our regular braille In Touch magazine! This free magazine, available to all financial members of QBWA, contains articles on all such things, plus puzzles, braille matters, and news and events of interest. It is available in braille and moon script and all we ask is that local readers return your copies in the specially provided mailer bags as soon as you have finished reading them so that others (overseas readers) can have a turn. Please note, In Touch is not produced in print except this sample via download.

Example of In Touch Print Edition

Other magazines

We also hold a wide variety of publications from the United Kingdom, the USA and South Africa.

Recent additions

Click here to find recent additions to the library.

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