Recent Additions

Some recent additions to the library shelves:

THE RETRIEVER by Keith Schafferius and Grantlee Kieza – 4 vols (interpoint)

Cover of the book The RetrieverAustralia has the highest per capita rate of parental child abduction in the world – every year about 150 children are spirited away against court orders.

For more than three decades, private investigator Keith Schafferius has been the man parents turn to when their child has been abducted by their ex-spouse. An expert in child retrieval cases, over the years Keith has built up a vast array of contacts, paid thousands of dollars in bribes to officials, appeared on international wanted lists and been shot at and pursued by police.  His intricate and risky retrieval missions have taken him to countries including Poland, Yemen, Mexico and the Philippines, and resulted in over a hundred abducted children being reunited with the desperate parent left behind.

A gripping mix of memoir, thriller and true crime, this is the powerful and moving story of families torn apart by parental abduction. It is about the heartbreak and determination of left-behind parents, the children caught in the middle, and the man who played a part in bringing some of them home.

LIPSTICK JUNGLE by Candace Bushnell – 14 vols

The new novel that fans of the bestselling author have been waiting for, about three sexy, powerful career women who will do anything to stay at the top of their fields
Victory Ford is the darling of the fashion world. Single, attractive, and iconoclastic, she has worked for years to create her own signature line. As Victory struggles to keep her company afloat, she learns crucial lessons about what she really wants in a relationship.
Nico O’Neilly is the glamorous, brilliant editor of Bonfire Magazine–the pop-culture bible for fashion, show business, and politics. Considered one of the most powerful women in publishing, she seems to have it all. But in a mid-life crisis, she suddenly realizes this isn’t enough.
Wendy Healy’s chutzpah has propelled her to the very top of the cut-throat movie industry. When it becomes clear that a competitor is trying to oust her, something has to give–and Wendy must decide between her career and her marriage.
In Lipstick Jungle, Bushnell once again delivers an addictive page-turner of sex and scandal that will keep readers enthralled and guessing to the very last page.

THE LIGHT HOUSE by P D James – 7 vols

Combe Island  off the Cornish coast has a bloodstained history of piracy and cruelty but now, privately owned, it offers respite to overstressed men and women in positions of high authority who require privacy and guaranteed security. But the peace of Combe is violated when one of the distinguished visitors is bizarrely murdered. Adam Dalgliesh is called in to solve the mystery quickly and discreetly, but at a difficult time for him and his depleted team.

THE SECRET RIVER by Kate Grenville – 6 vols

In the early nineteenth century William Thornhill is transported from the slums of London to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. He arrives with his wife Sal and their children in a harsh land he does not understand.

Eight years later, Thornhill sails up the Hawkesbury as free man to claim a hundred acres. Aboriginal people already live on the river and Thornhill will soon have to make the most difficult decision of this life.


Everything to Live For is the story of one young woman’s survival against extraordinary odds, a testament to the human spirit. Turia Pitt entered an ultra-marathon race that would change her life forever. Trapped by a fire in a gorge in the remote Kimberley region, Turia and five other competitors had nowhere to run. Turia escaped with catastrophic burns to sixty-five percent of her body. It is a miracle Turia lived when she was expected to die. But she was not ready to die – she had too much to live for.

TOGETHER ALONE The Story of the Finn Brothers by Jeff Apter – 5 vols

To rattle off the hits of Neil and Tim Finn reads like a checklist of recent pop history. Together Alone is the first biography written about the Finn brothers: Tim, the ‘closet drummer’ and accidental bandleader, Neil the guarded family man. This is a story of breakthroughs, breakdowns, sibling rivalry and respect.